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Giant Sequoia Photo courtesy of TREE Hugger ~ S. Grinsfelder

"The only people with whom you should try to get even
are those who have helped you." -- John E. Southard


KS forest products - natural form furniture from trees

Setting ambitious goals to build a mutually satisfying relationship with you,
the overwhelming number of referrals and repeat business shows us
a high level trust and confidence is being met or even exceeded.
Together we have established a great success story!

Thank you for sending such lovely cards and photographs of your home's decor, garden setting, and impressed fur kids.
With humble appreciation,
The TREE Smith's
Annie and Ray

KS forest products - natural form furniture from trees


It is an honor and with great pleasure, we would like to introduce our strongest supporters, Mr. and Mrs. Gordon Zahradnik of Lyons KS
Among other achievements, Gordon is a retired art professor from Sterling College having taught 42 years. He is also a well known professional artist of porcelain raku pottery and watercolor paintings.

A highly respected fine art show judge, Gordon frequents our studio to offer his expertise evaluating various 'Natural Tree Furniture' productions.

Gordon and wife Rae Zahradnik, an accomplished artist herself, take great pride in displaying many of Ray's truly craftsman quality pieces in their home and gallery, "The Art of Z"

Mr. Z has graciously given permission to be called upon as a personal reference. Feel free to stop by or call (620) 257-3111.

(Living an active lifestyle the Z's travel quite extensively. Please be courteous and allow them time to conveniently return your call.)

KS forest products - natural form furniture from trees


There are quite honestly hundreds of kudos from every corner of the world. Below are a few highlights, unedited with first names only.
KS forest products - natural form furniture from trees
"The cats, Tessy, Buster, and Ginger love your mini log. We are in the middle of a remodel, and the cats are sometimes confined to one area of the house. The log has been a great toy that they chase each other around and through. Best wishes,"

KS forest products - natural form furniture from trees

"i wanted to write and tell you thanks for the cat scratching post i ordered. i think it is beautiful, and the cats *love* it. it was well worth the wait. i have 4 cats, and they each give it 2 paws up. mandarin, my 3 month old orange tabby, loves to climb to the top. (and she said you can quote her, too.) i belong to a group that traps, neuters, and releases feral cats here in houston, and of course we all have domestic cats too. i plan to tell them about your products at our next meeting. thanks so much!"

KS forest products - natural form furniture from trees

"I just received the first barstool I ordered and it's incredible!! I was hesitant to order all 4 stools I wanted just in case they weren't what I was looking for. I couldn't be more happy with it. I received an email after my first order indicating that I would get a discount on my next purchase. Please apply to this order. Thanks"

KS forest products - natural form furniture from trees

Dear Annie and Ray -

"My first thought when the mini cat log arrived was what an astounding amount of time Ray must have put into hollowing out this log to accommodate my household of multiple cats! The log is purr-fect, and my lead cat quickly claimed it and chased off all the rest who were trying to play on this wonder. But Ripster sat on top of the log and growled and swatted at any cat who dared even try! Once the newness of it wore off, Rip conceded to let the others near and they gave merry chase up and around and inside and out. It is truly a magnificent piece of work, started by Nature, and honed by Ray's crafty hands. Thanks so much!"

Mary Anne
Co-Creator of MEOWHOO.COM

KS forest products - natural form furniture from trees
"The swing was delivered on Tuesday and arrived looking great. My wife and I thank you."

Derek and Linda

KS forest products - natural form furniture from trees
"Everyone who as seen the tree is very impressed. They know how I like to spoil Sparky, but when they see him using it, they understand how worthwhile it is. Thanks again for everything. Feel free to use these pictures and my strong recommendation for your products in your advertising."

KS forest products - natural form furniture from trees

"The sofa table arrived today and it is beautiful! It looks absolutely perfect on the screen porch. Hope you can tell what a wonderful new home it has (picture enclosed). You really have a gift.  (The Van Lines man died over it.) Thank you and God bless."

KS forest products - natural form furniture from trees

"Hello! I haven't written in a long time. Several years ago I won one of your cat trees at a cat show in Madison WI. It's the best tree I've ever had!"

KS forest products - natural form furniture from trees

"I love it, and it adds a lot to my little apartment! I love the wood of the perch. It's LOVELY! Love to you all,"
Renee and Tilly


KS forest products - natural form furniture from trees

"WOOHOO!! The cat log has arrived!!! First noticed its awesome color as I pulled pieces from the boxes. =] Had fun just touching the lovely wood and I admit to sniffing it! haha! We absolutely LOVE how easy it is to put together. Literally minutes and dummy proof to boot. And in case you can't yet tell, we think it is GORGEOUS!! You and Mother Nature make quite a team! =] Thanks!"

KS forest products - natural form furniture from trees

Hi Annie and Ray. "The beautifully and uniquely crafted tree arrived today. The delivery men thought it was a real piece of art as well. Both my husband and I love the look of the tree. Our bengal babies were both perched on top on the highest shelf! It is a truly special piece of art and I will spread the word on your work. Thank you again for your expertise in craftsmanship and getting to know you."
Kim, Donnie and Coleman

KS forest products - natural form furniture from trees

"Unbelievable!! You guys rule!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Very very happy! It fits perfectly into the specified area!!!!!!!!! We love it, thank you thank you thank you!!!!"

(Osage Orange Bedroom Bench)

KS forest products - natural form furniture from trees

"I received everything safe and intact. Normally, when I see pieces that have to go into holes or slots, I cringe. Most of the time they don't fit!!! Not so with the cat tree from Ray. I was doing cart wheels at the ease that everything was fitting together. I was talking to myself and exclaiming how even the pegs are beautiful!!! When I got it all together, I wanted to take it somewhere and put it on exhibit!!!! It is too pretty to sit outside all by itself. The cats love it. Thanks for all the love and care you put into our new cat tree. I will be back for more!!!!"
Wanda and Fur Kid's

KS forest products - natural form furniture from trees

"Annie and Ray, You two are the best. IT CAME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love it so much. It is truly a work of art. Ray you have a gift. It has been a pleasure working with you too. I will look forward to doing this again sometime. Thanks again for EVERYTHING! Very Truly Yours,"

(Miniature Whittle Rocking Chair)

KS forest products - natural form furniture from trees

"A few months ago I spent many hours surfing the Internet looking for a unique cat tree and decided to go with Smith Industries. I wanted something more original than a common carpeted cat tree. I found some pretty good Ideas, but the natural tree product caught my eye and the price was very reasonable. What I ended up with was not only the coolest cat tree North of the Mississippi, but a work of art that is impossible to put a price on. Do not hesitate to put Ray to work for you. The craftsmanship is second to none. This is something I will value for the rest of my life. It is by far the coolest thing I will ever own! Ray was also great at listening to what I wanted and that came out in the end result. I cannot give a higher endorsement of Smith Industries as one of the best products on the Internet. This is definitely one of the finest products you will find made with pride right here in the USA. Whether it is cat furniture or furniture for your home check out Ray Smith at Sincerely,"

KS forest products - natural form furniture from trees

"Assembly was a piece of cake. For someone with no ability in that department it was a pleasure. It's never been that easy before. (I'll spare you the details of trying to put together a TV cabinet from Ikea. It is too painful to recount.) Thank you so much for your great work and outstanding customer service. Thank you again."

(KIT Cat Tree)

KS forest products - natural form furniture from trees

"Thank you. The cats love it. Its like a piece of art in my living room."
Lisa and John

(Slab KIT Cat Tree)

KS forest products - natural form furniture from trees

"Just wanted to let you know I got the cat footstool safe and sound! It's adorable. :) Thanks,"

KS forest products - natural form furniture from trees

Folks in the Chicagoland area can see first hand results of
Natural Tree Furniture's cat trees used daily by over 100 cats!

Photo taken summer of 2000. Ray listens to the animals :-) "A healthier sense of community."

Save A Pet was one of the first shelters to receive a tree donation from Smith Industries. With 100+ feline residents it was barely off the truck before the shelves were covered with curious kitties. Shortly thereafter we were commissioned to fill the free roam facility's sun room with more trees. On one of our follow-up visits we heard encouraging reports from the the volunteers and staff. They noticed the stress level was indeed lower and that the more shy population was able to come out of hiding. AND best of all, the vet had less animals needing medication.
Help Save A Life ~ Adopt From Your Local Shelter

KS forest products - natural form furniture from trees

Active cats are healthy cats. TREES by 'Natural Tree Furniture' can provide a safe play area for your cattery too "The ultimate in Bengal stomping grounds!!"

"These Cat Trees are awesome! Here is our lovely F3, Sambari and Swirl, our Brown Marble Tabby, having a blast at the top of this 6 foot jungle heaven. No doubt they are extremely pleased with their newest climbing toy!"
Exotic Cat Breeders, Todd and Melanie Wilcox

Our GLITTER GIRL, Taylor ^..^ is a Navajo Bengal

KS forest products - natural form furniture from trees

calvin and hobbes Calvin and Hobbes

"From the moment the huge box arrived on my doorstep, my two 6 month old kittens were having the time of their lives. They could hardly wait for me to unpack it. If you have ever had kittens you know they love boxes... so the huge box the tree came in was entertainment in itself. Eventually, the smell of fresh wood seemed to make them crazy as they darted around the box and me. I was hardly able to put it together because cats were jumping and bouncing all over the place. It was great. It assembled in less than 5 minutes. The cats started climbing on it immediately. They love to sharpen their claws on the natural bark. One kitten will set on the top shelf and the other will set on the lower and they will get each other all freaked out and then they chase each other through the house. It is great to watch them charge through the room and then jump directly onto the upper shelf. I could never imagine having a cat without a cat tree... watching them climb is absolutely incredible.

I have to say what a joy Ray and Annie were to work with. They answered all my emails within a few hours. The 50% down payment really helped me to spread payment over time to meet my budget. They designed the tree to exactly what I had envisioned. Ray is truly a talented woodworker. It is amazing how perfectly the pieces meld together... it almost looks like it grew that way. The cost is nothing compared to the beauty and longevity instilled in this beautiful piece of furniture. I cannot wait until I can get a bigger one.

Thank you Ray and Annie ... Long Live Smith Industries!

Remember, they have more than just cat TREEs. If you can picture it, they can make it."


SO pleased with the results - his Mother bought one too!! Thanks Gar and "MoM"
Harley, Hugger, Calvin and Hobbes are fortunate to be loved by both of you.

KS forest products - natural form furniture from trees

Bengal ^,,^ Cloudy

Bengal customer named "Cloudy"

Care to share your personal experiences regarding
either our product(s) and/or business practices?

KS forest products - natural form furniture from trees
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KS forest products - natural form furniture from trees

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