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"The highest reward for a man's toil
is not what he gets for it,
but what he becomes by it."
-- John Ruskin

Last update 22 January 2005

KS forest products - natural form furniture from trees


Deluxe KIT Cat TREE ~ Wellington & Nelson of England *in shop
Osage Orange Kit Cat TREE ~ Lila of Cary NC *NEXT!!
Natural LOG Garden Bench ~ William of Sudbury MA *Jan 2005
Cat HORSE & Scratching Post ~ Kathryn of Lincoln City OR *Jan 2005
Cats Deluxe Mini Hollow ~ Jennette of Denver CO *Jan 2005 harvested
3 Foot Cats Scratching Post (modified to 4') ~ Margaret of Addison TX *Jan 2005
Osage Cat Scratcher Footstool ~ Sam of St. Petersburg FL *Jan 2005
2 Ergonomic Split Back Design Rustic Rocking Chairs ~ Bunker Hill KS *Feb 2005
Queen Size Natural Form Headboard ~ Christy of Shelbyville TN *Feb 2005
Deluxe KIT Cat TREE ~ Terry of Queens NY *Feb 2005
Large Rustic Cat TREE ~ Leslie of Closter NJ *Mar 2005
7 Six Foot Park Benches ~ Marriott's SurfWatch, Hilton Head Island SC *Mar 2005
Full Sized Hollow TREE Trunk ~ Jennette of Denver CO *harvested
Modified KIT Cat TREE ~ Dean & Susan of Kearney NE *Apr 2005
Large Rustic Cat TREE ~ Abra of NYC *May 2005
Custom TREE Saddle Rack ~ Jim of Lincoln County KS *May 2005

(List does not include purchases from vendors.)

KS forest products - natural form furniture from trees

Orders are scheduled on a first come, first served basis with few exceptions.
Larger items requiring multiple stages of readiness leave way for smaller
projects to be completed much earlier. i.e., far less time consuming
to create, and by golly, the kiln dries STICKS faster than LOGS

KS forest products - natural form furniture from trees


2 Wall SLAB Scratchers ~ Lynn of Hawaii
2 Kitty Slab & Twig Footstools ~ Renee of Peyton CO
6 Foot Small Rustic Cat TREE (outdoor cat run) ~ Liane of Alameda, NM
3 Slab & Twig Cats Footstool Scratchers ~ Abra of NYC
2 Bluebird Houses (CABIN - CHURCH) ~ Olivia of Croton, NY
Complete Dining Room Set (TREE root table base) ~ Linda of St. Louis
Restaurant Furniture (50 pieces) ~ Juice Bar & Organic Cafe, NJ
Walnut Coffee Table (4' x 2.5') ~ Grizzly Ranch Resort, Lake Tahoe
Puma & MacDuff's Enclosed Patio ~ Hollow Log Cat Tree ~ San Diego
DENMARK's "SuperCats" Exquisite Bengal's ~ Portable KIT Cat Tree
Friends of 'Save A Pet' Grayslake, IL ~ 2 Mini Hollow Cat Logs
NTF's Modular KIT Cat Tree ~ L.H. of Washington DC's 'NRDC'
Dimensional Design, Wilmette, IL ~ Collectible GNOME Doll Chair
Large Rustic Natural Form Coat TREE ~ Bunker Hill Cafe
Osage Natural Wood TREE Swing ~ Colts Neck, New Jersey
Dunbar Granite Tabletop & Osage Orange Foyer Table
S.S. of N.C., "Mountain Man" Whittle (Miniature) Rocking Chair
Outdoor Free-form Park Bench for a retired Art Professor
An Illinois client designed a corner unit for Sparky ~ Osage Rustic Cat Tree
Custom designed Rustic Foyer Valet (shhh... it's an anniversary gift)
"MIGHT" Outdoor Cat Enclosure ~ Osage Cat Log
Cat TREE Horse for Tilly aka 'Tea For the Tillerman' of NY
Cat Slab & Twig Footstool - Kentucky bound
^..^ 5 Wall Cat Scratchers ^..^
^..^ 2 Kitty Footstools for HOUSTON! ^..^
HELLO! Tuxedo N.Y. (A Gift to Hackensack, NJ)
2 Kitty Footstools for Racine, WI (ah!... Lake Michigan!)
Cat Twig & Slab Footstool + Mini Hollow Cat Log ~ Chagrin Falls, OH
HELLO once again! Tuxedo, N.Y. (A Gift to Redmond, WA)
Marilyn of Long Island, NY ^..^ Cat Footstool
Sabina's kitty wants a Twig, Slab & Bark Footstool Scratcher
Iowa's MERCI, the Maine Coon placed a 2nd order for additional Cat Furniture
3 foot Cat TREE Scratching Post ~ Rabecca of Texas
2nd order for Pete M., Custom Foyer Shoe Cabinet
Cat's BARK, Twig & Slab Footstool for Burr Ridge, IL
Cats Scratcher Bark Wall Slab for Thumper, River Forest, IL
Kitty Footstool for Kathy of East Setauket, NY
6 foot Slab Bench KIT ~ Margaret of Easton, CT
Aloha (*_*) Mililani, Hawaii ~ Deluxe KIT Cat TREE
Alice of Kidderminster, Worcestershire, ENGLAND ~ 1 Lovely KIT Cat Tree
Rustic Bathroom Accessories ~ Toilet Paper Stand ~ Teri & Joe
Deluxe KIT Cat Tree ~ Romeo & Tina (Bright Blessings!!)
3 Chicago Maine Coons ~ "one of a kind" 5 foot Horizontal Hollow Log
Del Mar, CA ~ Super Deluxe Mini Hollow Cat Log
Kitty BARK & Twig Footstool ~ Madison, AL
"Twiggy" Osage Orange Bedroom Footboard Bench ~ Somerset, NJ
Andy of Clintonville, WI ~ 2 Contemporary Outdoor Garden Park Benches
2 Mini Hollow Logs & 1 Twig Footstool Cat Scratcher ~ Nancy of KC
Another BARK Scratcher for Thumper of River Forest, IL
2 Freeform Rustic Bar Stools ~ Sandy of Leesburg, VA
Rustic Bathroom Accessories ~ Alan & Karen of Royal Palm Beach, FL
Cats Wall Scratchers ~ Danielle of New York, NY
Four 24" Red Elm Rustic Barstools ~ Josie of Traverse City, MI
Granite Top Console Table & Osage Loveseat ~ Anne & Ted of Mission Hills, KS
Orchid Plant Stand ~ Larry of Garden Grove, CA (birthday gift for DaD)
Outdoor NURSE LOG & Matching Tabletop Planter ~ Joyce of Clarksburg, WV
Hollow Log Cat TREE 10 Foot Tall ~ Cleo & Leo of St. Cloud, FL
Natural Freeform Foyer Love Seat, Custom Revolving TREE base/stand
for 'The Tree of Life' Sculpture & Tabletop LOG Planter ~ Luis & Olga of Newton, MA
Three 30" Rustic Bar Stools ~ Mike of Morgantown, IN
Three 30" Rustic Bar Stools ~ Lynn & Keith of Weare, NH
Osage Orange Outdoor Cat TREE ~ William of Tomball, TX
1 AWESOME (kilned) 6 Foot Branch ~ Cindy, "I wanna do it myself!!"
Deluxe Mini Hollow LOG ~ Sam of St. Petersburg, FL
Oversized Cat Footstool ~ Arthur ^..^ Saki & Dale of San Juan Capistrano, CA
Cats Twig & Slab Footstool Scratcher ~ Jennette of Sumter, SC
Cat Slab & Twig Footstool ~ Betty of Miami, FL
Natural Bark Cat Slab Footstool ~ Barbara of Plymouth, MI
Slab Wall Scratcher ~ Jennette of Denver, CO
9 Piece Doll Furniture Set ~ Margie of Atlanta, GA
Footstool ~ Kathryn of Lincoln City, OR
Outdoor Cattery 2 KIT Cat TREES ~ Joe & Shura of Media, PA
Wall Slab Cat Scratcher ~ Dusty of Flower Mound, TX
2 Toilet Paper & 1 Paper Towel Stands ~ Holly of Ponte Vedra Beach, FL
8 1/2 foot tall Cat's Hollow LOG TREE Trunk ~ Lena of Armonk, NY

KS forest products - natural form furniture from trees

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KS forest products - natural form furniture from trees

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