Natural Tree Furniture
by Smith Industries
Formerly of Rockford, Illinois
436 Avenue H
Wilson, Kansas 67490
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Hedge Apple / Osage Orange Garden TREE Swing

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Free-form TREE Swing

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Rustic Tree Swings provide an artistic flair with rich, romantic luxury for porch or garden.  Perfect in a
backyard private retreat or simply to expand your homes entertaining area to the great outdoors.

Natural branches invite many people to reestablish their rich interconnectedness with nature
and simpler times, or it may remind them of the last get a way spent at their vacation home.

One very imaginative client dreamed of hanging a tree swing indoors
as a whimsical, fully functional chic designer element.

Rustic Tree Swing Contour Seating

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Are you looking for a practical investment
that will immediately increase your homes real estate value?

Professional landscape architects and garden designers
introduce tree swings to create sophisticated style to an outdoor living space.

Whether terrace, patio, conservatory or as a gift to your local botanical society
the enduring grace and charm will be appreciated by all that behold its beauty.

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Featured in 'Natural Home Magazine'
March / April 2003

Rustic TREE Swing - Natural Home Goods - 'Wood that Works'
"Wood furnishings can be beautiful and earth friendly."

Swing Your Cares Away <> As seen in 'Natural Home Magazine' <> Natural TREE Swings - refined rustic

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An Illinois client ordered 2 with specific requirements.
Porch swing w / tarnished chain.
Garden swing w / nautical rope.

Custommade Rustic TREE Porch Swing <> Porch Swing <> TREE SWING -  outdoor garden furniture by rustic ray smith

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Porch Swing - Birch Detail

"I love the seating, reminds me of the smoothness of the waves while windsurfing.... "
-- Edgard Swinnen, owner / web designer EcoBusinessLinks

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Prices are as follows:
4 foot Swing ~ $2,700.
5 foot Swing ~ $3,000.


(Due to the unique nature of each branch all dimensions are approximate and may vary slightly.)

E mail us for further details or go directly to the Ordering Page to secure your purchase.

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STICK natural tree furniture TWIG

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