"Blending Nature with Creative Imagination"

Rescue Magazine Jun/Jul 2004

"The two most engaging powers of an author are
to make new things familiar and familiar things new."
-- Samuel Johnson


KS forest products - natural form furniture from trees

Jen Karetnick, a freelance writer for Rescue Magazine,
features 'Natural TREE Furniture' in Gifts For Dad.
Substance Over Style ~ "More money, but better spent."

Kansas artisan Ray Smith takes eco-friendliness one step further with his Natural Tree Furniture. Actually he and his wife, Annie are making many strides on several different levels. The free-form furniture and accessories Smith creates are both appealing and accessible as functional art forms, and considering the workmanship and versatility, are moderately priced; tables, for example, range from approximately $570. to $1,400.
Rustic Foyer Table Granite Top Foyer Tables - Free Form Natural Wood with Granite Top
Smith's pieces also serve the higher purpose of saving the earth. All materials come from reclaimed wood, be they in the form of logs, roots, slabs, sticks, trunks, or twigs, which he collects and then dries in a kiln. In other words, where we might see dead wood, Smith sees living, breathing art, with himself as the sustainable conduit between them. His commitment to being green extends to his methods of construction, pegging, and/or mortise and [tenon] joinery, with the help of refurbished "rescued" tools, many of which are antiques. He has even found a way to turn his own scraps -- the waste wood from the original waste wood -- into dollhouse furniture.
Rustic Miniature Furniture Rustic Miniature Doll Chair - Whittle Furniture for Doll or Teddy Bear
As nature might have intended, then, no two of these signed and dated pieces, which range in scope from paper towel holders (from $40) to king size canopy beds (up to $8,000), are alike. And while you might not be able to buy Dad a bed for Father's Day -- even if he does deserve to sleep like royalty -- the Smith's offer plenty of smaller scale options, including stools, plant stands, and tree swings, which just might arrive at your door in a recycled refrigerator box. I'm personally taken with the spiky, haunting coat racks that stretch toward the ceiling like supplicants. They'll give Dad a decorative place to hang his hat.
Hall TREENatural Form Coat TREE Coat Rack

KS forest products - natural form furniture from trees

Relief from house, food and garden perfection.
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RESCUE'S editor/publisher and founder Dan Ho says, "our aim with the magazine is to introduce our readers to ways that uncomplicate their lives while in no way reducing their style standards. I believe everyone has a unique personality and style, but most lifestyle magazines want the reader to conform to a prescription. At RESCUE we will continue to strive to provide content that gives our readers confidence to use their own creativity and become their own guru. Real life is gorgeous, makeovers are not allowed."
KS forest products - natural form furniture from trees
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KS forest products - natural form furniture from trees

E mail: Natural Tree Furniture 436 Avenue H., Wilson KS 67490 Telephone (785) 658-2618