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KS forest products - natural form furniture from trees


KS forest products - natural form furniture from trees

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Companion Animals / Extended Family

Taylor, Little Tree, Lila, Thunder, HU-Dog and Shamus

KS forest products - natural form furniture from trees

Late July 1992 - June 18, 2005


Handsome boy, Shamus spent 13 years with us. That's a good spell of time together.
(Sorry. His passing came abruptly & I'm having great difficulty expressing a tribute.)

KS forest products - natural form furniture from trees

Sept. 2, 1995 - July 10, 2004


Forever in my heart.
Loved by all that met him.
It's hard to "let go" of this pup.

HU was cuddled daily by Little TREE and then later by Little "z" - not that it was his idea of acceptable terms for a dog  /._.\ and a cat. ^..^ I'm certain he'd rather herd those little rascals into a group as it was a more customary trait of an Australian Shepherd. After sharing 9 years with the boy we each are finding an unusual silence, an eerie emptiness that once was HU in all his glory.
KS forest products - natural form furniture from trees

1968 - Nov 14, 2003


Rescued Wild Mustang 'Thunder'

As caregiver for the last 3 years of her incredible long life span, a harsh realization faced us. With great difficulty, one day soon saying Good Bye was inevitable. Her demeanor was quiet but it held a strong inner voice that recognized the wonders of Life and Spirit. The 'ol girl had "heart" which was felt by all that met her.

Often lovingly referred to as "Grand MA" the only remaining teeth she had were in the very front of her mouth. After gumming a partial bale of alfalfa or a meal of pellets (Senior Feed) she religiously made her way to the salt lick. Quite by accident we learned FIG NEWTON'S were her most favorite treat of all. Her head gleefully bounced UP and DOWN in pure delight.

Now where once her whinny called to us, "Time to get out the grub," there is only stone cold silence. She is again as FREE as she was in the Nevada wilds. Knowing her, she is sure to be reliving all the adventures life on Earth brought her way. This time... without a saddle or bridle to steer the course. FREEDOM reigns!!

Thunder wore the BLM brand from her capture over 35 years ago.

(See below for wonderful information about wild horses and burros.)

KS forest products - natural form furniture from trees


Missy Lila

August 1992 - July 2nd, 2002

10 years ago Lila was found meowing her prettiest song as she sat desperately hoping to be noticed at the local humane shelter. Her heart shaped nose and gorgeous green eyes were SO beautiful it was hard not to pay attention to her. Born the runt of the litter she never grew to be more than 7 or 8 pounds. Her tippy toe dancing Spirit made endless circles walking back and forth rubbing the coffee table legs or whatever was handy.

She always slept cuddled next to me under the covers at night... which is an especially difficult adjustment. Lila was a prominent figure in our home. Late at night she'd love to walk around the house with a toy in her mouth and call out as if she had made the prize catch of the day.

A favorite time of day was spent walking the farm's driveway together. The 2/3 of a mile round trip seemed to be a Journey she religiously participated in. One early morning I called out, "LILA! LILA!" But, she was nowhere to be found. After deciding to head off without her about midway down the lane, Lila with her legs in High Gear, caught up with me. (Speed or Power Walking is my fetish.) Welp, 'Missy Meow' strutted up beside me as if saying, "Shoo! this is Work!" The turn around point was evidently great for a Dirt Bath, then we would start home.

If you haven't seen her before, Lila is often pictured in the Cat Tree Furniture section of our Web site.
Each time the digital camera came out - so did Missy Lila - ready to have her portrait taken.

KS forest products - natural form furniture from trees

Taylor our glitter girl Bengal ^,,^

Taylor stayed in Rockford with a loving family. An empty spot in my life where she once filled our days with the cutest antics. One of the toughest decisions I've ever had to make. "Thank You For Being So Loving Taylor." To be owned by a Bengal was certainly a pinnacle in my life. I will forever cherish memories of her sandpaper kisses and taking showers together. (Bengal's love water!!)
KS forest products - natural form furniture from trees

Little Tree - tuxedo wearing kitty

Little TREE was "one of those" kitties that couldn't handle the move. He ran away as soon as we pulled into town. ;-( Everyone in Wilson helped us look for that little character to no avail. Only thing we can imagine is that one day he'll find his way back to his Happy Place in Rockford. The neighbors there are keeping an eye open for him. It's as if, out of the corner of my eye, I can see the little bugger saunter into the room, normal as can be. </heavy sigh> If tears could bring him back he'd be here with me now.
KS forest products - natural form furniture from trees

These days horses are a huge consideration in our daily lives.
Ray and I hope to share an education of a little known fact.


"In the Virginia Range of Nevada's Storey County, wild horses are valued by the citizens both for their beauty and for consuming dry, fire-prone vegetation whose combustion jeopardizes their homes. In the late 1950's, Storey County became the first government in the U.S. to pass a law protecting its wild horses, because it appreciated these free spirits and their many ecological services."
KS forest products - natural form furniture from trees

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KS forest products - natural form furniture from trees

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KS forest products - natural form furniture from trees

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