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"And forget not that the earth delights to feel your bare feet
and the winds long to play with your hair." -- Kahlil Gibran

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KS forest products - natural form furniture from trees


Organic Consumers

KS forest products - natural form furniture from trees

Alabu Soaps
Handcrafted Goat Milk soaps. Visit our site and select from over 30 scents of handcrafted soap or choose from our flavors of lip balm, eight scents of perfume sticks, shaving mug with brush, bath blast and one of the best sellers, our lotion sticks. Build your own custom gift basket or chose from a Alabu stock basket.

100% Organic Natural Tree Furniture . Features NATURAL Bark Cat TREE Furniture Designs handmade by Ray Smith. Elegant natural form furniture art crafted from sustainably harvested, kiln sterilized TREES.

All Organic Links
A comprehensive directory for the organic industry. Contains organic information, associations, growers, and retailers.

Ancient Earth Wisdom
Helping people re-establish nurturing and healing relationships with the Earth Mother through the Plants and Plant Spirits, and learning to restore our respectful place of Balance in the Great Web of Life. Roxann Phillips, Naturalist and Traditional Herbalist

Richard Charles Reames coined the word Arborsculpture in 1995 because no one word had been used to recognize this unique art form. A branch of topiary and the root of espalier and bonsai. There are other words and terms that are used by different people at different times to describe this art. Pleaching, Tree trunk topiary, Botanical art, Botanical architecture, Living art, Visionary art, Biotechture, Permaculture and Weird. Author of 'How To Grow A Chair' and 'The Art Of Tree Trunk Topiary'

Aubrey Organics
"At Aubrey Organics, you can shop online for natural hair, skin and body care products that are environmentally safe and packaged in recyclable materials. For organic, natural beauty supplies such as shampoos, bath supplies, soaps, cosmetics, body lotions and other great skin, body and hair products, visit"

Avant Gardening
Organic gardening using plants as a medium for creative expression and personal growth.

Bare Roots
BareRoots Hydroponics Supply. Bare Roots Gardening Supplies offers a large variety of hydroponic, indoor and organic gardening supplies and grow lights. Online store, FAQ and forum areas.

"Thank you for helping Road's End Organics change the world through food!"

Clean Air Gardening
High quality lawn and garden tools don't just help the environment -- they do an excellent job of making your lawn look great.

Comprehensive selection of compost bins, composting systems and composter accessories on the web - start recycling your food and yard waste today!

Deodorant Stones of America
Thai Crystal Deodorant Stone, Pure and Natural, Aluminum Free

Dr. Alan Greene
Organic: A Choice For Our Children by Alan Greene MD. "Our children are our most treasured resources, and we have the opportunity to protect them."

Earth Mama Angel Baby
Natural pregnancy, labor, postpartum, breast feeding and baby care products, gifts and information including a free birth plan. And, Healing Hearts. Miscarriage and pregnancy loss resources and gifts to help heal the hearts and bodies of grieving mamas.

Extremely Green
Online source for organic gardening supplies at great prices. Products include beneficial insects, organic disease and weed control, organic lawn care, organic fertilizers and soil amendments. In New Hampshire seacoast, organic lawn care and design services, wholesale supply of organic products.

Co-created from the sacred energies of animals, flowers, minerals, sacred geometry, plus combination formulas.

Garden Directory over 100 Categories to choose from. Plus Free News Group Access for many Garden Groups, Garden Zone finder, Books, Magazines, Articles, Free Pictures and more.

Gardens Ablaze
Large gardening site with tons of information and sources for herbs, flowers, landscaping, garden decor, water features, organics, and much more.

Golden Harvest Organics
Tons of free information to help you "work in harmony with nature." Sellers of organic fertilizer, organically grown heirloom tomato seeds, neem oil and much more.

GI Designs
Copper garden structures, furniture, art and accessories. Custom work is welcome! Also purveyors of outdoor and landscape lighting, weathervanes, cupolas and more.

Going Organic
Come see what we have in store for you. The Windowsill Organic Gardener, Getting Started in Organic Gardening, Grow Yourself Rich, Guide To Cooking with Edible Flowers. A portion of proceeds go to charities that benefit children around the world.

Good Humans
Highest quality and lowest prices on hemp, organic cotton, and other eco-friendly goods.

Green People
Directory of organic food locations, ecofriendly businesses and services, environmental organizations and community events.

Greenhouse Kit
Hobby greenhouse kit company offering greenhouses, 100s of photos, reviews, and gardening articles.

GTG Hydroponics
Hydroponic systems, hydroponics, grow lights, CO2, organic fertilizers, high pressure sodium lights, and such for indoor or outdoor organic gardens.

Hemp Hammocks
Tekiah Hemp Co-op, a community owned business manufacturing and distributing earth friendly hammocks. Our hemp cloth bed hammock is durable, beautiful and comfy. Envirope Hammock, the softest rope bed hammock available, made from recycled soda bottles.

Herbal Comfort Products
Hem-Tea and Hem-tab effectively treat hemorrhoids and piles and their symptoms including pain, itching, swelling and bleeding. Money Back Guarantee

Holistic Online
A wealth of information on alternative, complementary and mind body therapies. The herbal medicine covers 2000+ herbs with herb drug interaction information. Stress management site has important information about recognizing stress, and managing stress. The entire nutrition database is available online. All alternative therapies from acupuncture to yoga are covered in depth.

Innova Pacific Salt Lamps
Salt crystal lamps, also known as salt lamps, are made of unique crystal rock which is hundreds of millions of years old. Known to generate negative ions which improves the quality of the air, thus enhancing your health and well-being. Innova Pacific's salt crystal lamps come from locations in the world known for the clarity and ionizing qualities of the salt crystal.

Justamere Tree Farm
"At Justamere Tree Farm and Soapworks producers of handcrafted brooms, handmade soaps and other body care products, and pure New England maple syrup. Our small farm is nestled in the Berkshires of western Massachusetts. Living off of the land and working with nature's bounty since 1982."

Lawnmower Shop (The)
Lawn and Garden Equipment. Garden Tillers, Wood Chippers, Grass Trimmers and more. Free shipping to 48 states.

Mayhill Press
Hydroponics Resource Center. Grower secrets for starting up a home based or commercial hydroponics (indoor gardening) plant business. Ideas for hydroponics startup, maintenance, production, marketing and hydroponic greenhouses.

Natural Business
The leading monthly, subscriber based business, financial and investment news journal in the $23 billion market for natural and organic foods, dietary supplements, herbal medicines, nutraceuticals and other related products.

Organic Consumers (The)
Promotes food safety, organic farming and sustainable agricultural practices in the U.S. and internationally. We provide consumers with factual information they can use to make informed food choices. Genetic engineering, irradiation, toxic sludge fertilizer, mad cow disease, rBGH are some of the issues we address. The OCA gives interviews and supplies background material for journalists, news organizations, and public interest activists worldwide. Our campaign strategies include public education, activist networking, boycotts and protests, grassroots lobbying, media and public relations, and litigation. Publisher of two electronic newsletters: Organic View and Bio Democracy News. The Organic Consumers National Director is Ronnie Cummins.

Organic Growers
Brenda Butterfield's list of growers & supplies, farmer's market news, discussion forum, composting tips, seed resources and Green Shop. - "Live happily, peacefully, wisely and lightly on our planet's resources."

Patio Furniture
Premium outdoor furniture and patio furniture in beautiful rustic cedar wood. Also a large collection of teak furniture.

Rain Chains
An elegant, aesthetic alternative to traditional gutter down spouts. Made in pure copper and brass.

Sprout People
A company committed to organic stewardship of our planet, to providing the highest quality seeds available, to educating any and all who wish to learn about sprouts and sprouting and to complete customer care. Grow your own sprouts. 70 varieties of certified organic sprouting seed and sprout supplies.

Straus Milk
Straus Family Creamery: Two family farms producing organic milk for a line of 100% organic premium quality dairy products including milk in reusable glass bottles. Straus is committed to producing the highest quality products while taking care of the land, the animals and reducing waste. California's award winning organic and kosher dairy, with products including cream top milk in glass bottles.

Tea Tree Place
Tea Tree Oil is a natural antiseptic, germicide, antibacterial, and fungicide agent. Personal care products containing a marvelous botanical wonder. Includes bulk tea tree oil.

TerrEssentials 100% chemical free, natural and organic herbal body care, skin care, hair care and baby care handcrafted from only the purest botanical ingredients! "We hand-craft a growing line of truly natural and organic personal care products with no synthetic petrochemical or oleo chemical ingredients of any kind - even in the fine print. We're a little unusual in that regard. In fact, some people call what we're doing a revolution."

Recycled Paper provides quality, environmentally benign paper which is unbleached or process chlorine free, and high in post consumer waste content. Office, stationery, tissue products, food service items, and much more!

Twisted Limb Paperworks
Locally handmade, 100% recycled paper stitched into unique stationery, wedding invitations, functional art and environmental gifts. Enjoy these small works of functional, environmental art. Links to Environmental and Recycling groups in and around South Central Indiana and Nationwide. Recycling and Environmental Protection are a major focus of Twisted Limb Paperworks. Every effort is made to have low environmental impact. Only recycled materials are used.

Vermont Soap
Manufacturers of handmade aromatherapy soaps, natural castile liquid soaps, gels, nontoxic detergent alternatives & cleaners for all skin types.

KS forest products - natural form furniture from trees

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KS forest products - natural form furniture from trees

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KS forest products - natural form furniture from trees

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