Natural Tree Furniture
by Smith Industries
Formerly of Rockford, Illinois
436 Avenue H
Wilson, Kansas 67490
(785) 658-2618

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"Even if it's a little thing, do something for those who have need of help,
something for which you get no pay but the privilege of doing it."
-- Albert Schweitzer


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...Ray & Annie

natural tree furniture designs rustic stick twig functional artistic home decor

The Spider Award ~ For Seriously Ranked Web Sites

Recognition For Your Top 10 Ranking

The Spider Award is meant to recognize those web sites and individuals that achieve Top Ten ranking with the major search engines through ethical and professional search engine optimization strategies.
In and of itself, and because measurable tests are run to validate winners, The Spider Award is possibly one of the most objectively based awards on the Internet. That also makes it one of the hardest to achieve.


Who's Who On the Web

'Natural Tree Furniture'
was reviewed and chosen to bear the
2002 - 2003 / 2003 - 2004
Golden Web Award"

Golden Web Award <> Golden Web Award

International Association of Web Masters and Designers
"In recognition of creativity, integrity and excellence on the Web."


Naturally Home - Environmentally Friendly Website Award 'Naturally Home'
Environmentally Friendly Website Award

"Congratulations!! Our board has reviewed your site and determined that you meet or exceed all the qualifications necessary to receive this award. Thank you for your commitment to our future. This award is given out to websites that show a high level commitment to helping the environment through providing knowledge, eco-friendly business practices or providing alternatives to businesses and consumers that will help save our planet."
 Care 2 Hot Eco Site Award Care 2's Hot Eco Site Award
..."end result, gorgeous, ecologically sound furniture without dangerous residues!"


Timber Carver's Award <> Y'all remember to visit PARD...


'Natural TREE Furniture'
GOLD LOG Award Winner!
Log Homes NetZineŽ Gold Log Award



Like Mind Respect.... Namaste <>Spirit Search Award <> By Region Award

Bright Blessings to each of you!


For Cats and Cat Lovers - <>  <> 

'PurrfectSite' Award <> Visit Our Good Friends - Paddy, Sassy & Ms. Tizzy ^..^

Feline Foundation of Humboldt County <> Cats Info Award <> Ruby's Award for FUN :-)


WOOD YEW care to display the
'Natural TREE Furniture'
Little TREE Award?

Little Tree Smith Award

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